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The High-Maintenance Ladies of the Zombie Apocalypse

Seriously, we need a synopsis? Doesn’t the title say enough? Okay, if we must . . .

Only the finest will do for Maddie and Vanessa. From Yoga to spa days to the best bottles of wine—life is good until a routine pedicure turns violent.

With an unknown and highly contagious illness sweeping the city, Maddie and Vanessa attempt to maintain their lifestyle as supplies run low.  To survive, the high maintenance ladies must fight off blood-thirsty, decaying hordes while armed with only a baseball bat, a tennis racquet, and an awesome pair of stilettos.

So crack open a box of wine. It’s the zombie apocalypse.


Christine Steendam was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the eldest of five. After a school career that included some time in the land of homeschooling and a stint in a christian independent school, Christine went on to meet her husband, Kyle—a talented home builder—and married him ten months later. Christine was adamant that she would never marry or have kids. Kyle changed her mind.

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