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Christine is available for a variety of speaking engagements including: writing workshops tailored to middle and high school, libraries, book clubs and book stores.

I loved being present at Christine Steendam’s workshop with my Grade 11 students. It was great to see them working with ideas they brought forward as a starting point for a story each could write with his or her own take on the themes, characters, and settings they had developed together. I appreciated how she responded to each student’s (or teacher’s!) work with an understanding of how that person had a unique approach in form or theme. All in all, both enlightening and inspiring!
— Jeff Dykstra High School English teacher at Immanuel Christian School

Christine takes her audience through her writing process in a guided workshop:

“Beginning with a single idea and working our way to a fully fleshed-out plot we brainstorm a story. At the end of our 40 minutes, the participants then sit down and take 10 minutes to write their version of the short story or the intro to one. The students are invariably excited to read their stories out loud for the class. They are eager to share what they have come up with based on what we’ve brainstormed.”

Each speaking engagement can be tailored to a specific subject and can be as hands on, or hands off as you like. Schools, libraries, and community classrooms are a great setting for actively participating in creating a story. Book stores and book clubs are well suited to a conversation or interview format.

Fee: negotiable

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