Catch up

New Arrival!

You may have noticed that review week got cut a little short last week, and nothing got posted on the Friday. Well, that's because I had my baby! I went into labor Thursday afternoon and by 1:15 AM Friday morning (12 hours later) Deacon Ross was born a healthy 8 lb 10 oz.

We are both doing really well. I feel awesome and Deacon is very happy and content so far. His big brother, Jasper, is very fascinated by him and even a little protective.



There is some adjusting to do so I may be a lot less active in the blogosphere for the next while, but I'm sure I'll still be around on Facebook :) I have a few promised posts/reviews that will still get out but I'm not sure about how regular posting will be besides that. Especially with a move coming up in a month!

How I did last week:

Writing: Well, this is embarrassing... but I didn't write at all :/ I have been working on revamping the cover for Owned by the Ocean  though since the lettering needs to be more contrasted to the picture.

Pregnancy: Over! Had the baby at 39 weeks 4 days :D

House: We got the outside lights installed, speakers in the deck and garage as well as the house number up :)

Goals for this week:

Writing: I'd like to write about 500 words a day on Betrayed by the Ocean. So 3500 words.


  • Sod front yard.
  • Drywall basement utility room.--In progress
  • Get the deck fan working.--waiting for replacement

Have a happy Monday :)


Review week!

I have been falling woefully behind in my reviews. So, to catch up I'm going to have a review week this week. That means that on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week I'll be posting reviews (provided I don't have a baby. That would throw a wrench in the plans). On the list for this week is...

  • Wanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott
  • Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart
  • Lost and Found by Trish Marie Dawson.

How I did last week:

Writing: 14,000 words! Reached the half way mark in Betrayed by the Ocean and I'm ecstatic. Also, Owned by the Ocean is now COMPLETE! You can read the entire thing for free HERE.

Pregnancy: 39 weeks!

House: Oooooh boy. Driveway is poured and garage is drywalled. Running an Open House today since it's a long weekend Monday. Fingers crossed for some offers.

Goals for this week:

Writing: 13,000 words to bring me to the 2/3 mark in Betrayed by the Ocean. 

Pregnancy: 1 week till due date! 3 weeks maximum!


  • Sod front yard.
  • Drywall basement utility room.
  • Get the deck fan working.
  • Hook up remaining outside lights and speakers for deck.

Happy Monday everyone :)



A bit of catch up.

Wow, what a morning it has been. I've been up since 6:30 AM and just now, at 9:45 AM I'm finally sitting down with a cup of coffee. I also didn't manage to prepare a blog post for today, so I'm basically just going to give you the weekly update. Besides that, there are a few blog posts about myself and Heart Like an Ocean that I'd like to draw your attention to, mainly because they made my day :)

Last week I had the opportunity to meet comic book writer, Andrew Lorenz and I was surprised the next morning by a wonderful and touching blog post about both me and my work. You can check it out HERE and don't forget to check out his debut work Legacy #1.

And today, the lovely Linda Pitts over at Caffeinated Book Junkie reviews Heart Like an Ocean. What I really like about this review is that it is very honest about what she liked and didn't like, and we all know that no book is perfect so I'm truly appreciative of this post. You can check it out HERE.

How I did last week:

Writing: My goal was just a few thousand words on Betrayed by the Ocean, which I accomplished and am now sitting at 1/3 of the way through.

Pregnancy: 38 weeks!

House: We finished putting up the deck rail and put up the for sale sign and the brick is up around the fireplace.

Goals for this week:

Writing: I'm not sure how realistic this is but lets aim for hitting the half way mark in Betrayed by the Ocean.

Pregnancy: 2 weeks till due date, 4 weeks maximum!

House: list of things that still need doing.

  • Drywall garage.
  • Sod front yard.
  • Pour concrete driveway- in progress.
  • Drywall basement utility room.
  • Get the deck fan working.
  • Hook up remaining outside lights and speakers for deck.

Have a happy Monday everyone :)

Promotional tools- Facebook

So I've been playing around a bit with my online presence, trying to find what works and what doesn't. I think it's readily apparent that just shouting out "buy my book" is not going to get me many, if any sales. Social media is not a billboard, it is a place for interaction, connection and socialization (imagine that!).

So, with the idea that I'd build a strong platform first in ONE place, before taking on every social media outlet available, I've been concentrating on Facebook lately and here's what I've learned.

Facebook is awesome for interaction. If people are following you on Facebook chances are they want to interact with you on some level, or at the very least want to know what is going on in your life/with your books. But, it is also very easy to abuse.

The thing about Facebook is, it isn't Twitter. It isn't a bunch of white noise where your annoying billboard posts with just get lost in the jumble. No, if you post too much, you will get deleted. If you treat your followers like people you're trying to advertise to and not get to know, they will delete you. Facebook is for CONNECTIONS.

So, here are some things I've discovered:

1. Don't fill people's newsfeeds with posts. Sure, some days you'll have more to say than others, but I doubt you have 20 statuses worth.

2. Same goes for content. Make your posts meaningful. Make posts that will either a) update your readers on your projects/life or b) produce conversation. Not: Buy my book! (though doing this occasionally is acceptable).

3. Use your page stats! They'll tell you peak times people are on and give you a better chance of creating discussion and, in turn, making connections. They'll also tell you what kind of posts are popular.

and 4. Follow other people (authors, editors, cover designers..etc..) that have Facebook pages and interact on their posts.

Facebook is all about socialization, not about selling products. But, making connections and friends will, in turn, sell your product without you having to sit there yelling like a street vendor.

How I did last week:

Writing: 22,000 words this week. Not quite my goal of 25,000 but since I'm nesting like crazy here, it's putting a dent in my writing time. lol

Pregnancy: 37 weeks!

House: Rail on the deck began to go up. Driveway is all prepped to be poured. Brick is going on the fireplace as I write!

Goals for this week:

Writing: Edit chapter 12 of 'Owned by the Ocean' and get a few thousand words written on 'Betrayed by the Ocean'.

Pregnancy: 3 weeks till due date! 5 weeks maximum (but it won't go that long...right? RIGHT? lol)


  • Brick around the fireplace- in progress.
  • Rail and stairs around deck- in progress.
  • Rail for front entrance.
  • Drywall garage.
  • Sod front yard.
  • Pour concrete driveway
  • Put up for sale!

Have a happy Monday everyone :)

We're moving... again!

So if you follow me on Facebook you know that we bought a house complete with 15 acres of land (divided into 2 pastures), a gorgeous hip-roof barn, multiple out buildings and just brimming with opportunity for memories to be made :)

We get possession in September, which will put our move count in the last 12 months to 3! Yes, we will have moved 3 times in the last 12 months! 4 in the last 18... But, we're finally settling down. This is the place we're staying.

new house

How I did Last week:

Writing: Betrayed by the Ocean is finally starting to flow nicely but editing of Owned by the Ocean did suffer a little last week. I'll be busy today getting chapter 11 ready for tomorrow's release.

Pregnancy: 36 weeks!

House: Stucco got done. Grading of the yard was finished. Picked up railing supplies for the deck and front entrance.

Goals for this week:

Writing: I really want to keep up with this new found inspiration for Betrayed by the Ocean so I'm hoping to get to 25,000 words or so. Another chapter of Owned by the Ocean done and some beta reading for a friend.

Pregnancy: 4 weeks till due date! 6 weeks maximum!

House: What's left to be done:

  • Brick around the fireplace.
  • Rail and stairs for the deck.
  • Rail for front entrance.
  • Drywalling of garage.
  • Sodding of front yard.
  • Pouring concrete driveway.
  • Put up for sale!

Anyone else have some big changes happening in their life? Exciting news?