That blog post about C4 Comic Con

c4 comic con table

This past weekend I spent my time in a room full of artists, authors, fans, cosplayers and general awesomeness. Also known as C4 Central Canada Comic Con.

I've been attending Comic Con for the last three years and got a little glimpse "behind the table" last year as I "helped" (hung out) my friend Andrew Lorenz with his September17 table. But this year was my first year as a vendor in artist alley. (BTW, September17 just launched a brand new, gorgeous website.)

Going in, I really wasn't sure if Comic Con was the right demographic for my books, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Plus, I would be spending the entire weekend there regardless (you have no idea how much I love comic con lol). Over the weekend, I learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful table at a comic con, and I'll likely be implementing a lot of those lessons moving forward, but overall I'm very pleased with how things went.

I shared my table with Melinda Friesen and her book, Enslavement, and was in a row with some great friends and talented people like AP Fuchs, Andrew Lorenz/September17 Productions, Donovan Yaciuk, and Justin Shauf. And even Kyle, my husband, made it out to support me and offer his help. I'm seriously one lucky girl.

And can I just say, signing a comic book that I co-wrote... probably one of the coolest experiences EVER. 

I was also really excited to find out that my friend from Calgary, Joshua Pantalleresco, got a last minute table. That's part of the awesome that goes into these conventions: they bring people together. I can't even begin to name all the wonderful people who I spent time with during C4. I tried to on Facebook... and I kept forgetting people. I know, I'm horrible.

I picked up a few books, sold a few books, made some great memories, talked shop, connected with people, and all-in-all had an unforgettable time.

Before I close off this blog post, I want to give a special shout out to my brother, Brenden. He's a local Winnipeg artist, who you can find at Knightingale Art & Design, and a huge supporter of my writing. This guy drove me to comic con, helped me set up, kept me company, and even gave me prints of his work to give away with book purchases--one is going to be a book cover in the near future, and the ship one was actually inspired by my own books (every time I think of that I kind of get all giggly. Me. My words inspired someone else's art. Seriously cool.)

Brenden in the mandalorian armor he made himself.

Brenden in the mandalorian armor he made himself.

Going into writing I didn't really know what to expect. I think I had this idea that I'd sit behind a computer, type out words, sell some books, maybe have some fans, and call it good. I never could have imagined the friends I'd make and support that this community brings, and C4 really just brings that all together into one big building and one whirlwind of a weekend.