chapter 1 Today's #teaserTuesday comes from Unforgiving Plains. I've been pretty immersed in the world of the Foremost chronicles lately as I work my way through the revisions of book 2, Ropes & Reins. I often share teasers for that as I go along on my Instagram and Facebook and I like to save these #teaserTuesday posts for the already available work.

Last week I shared a teaser from chapter one of Shadows of the Unseen, and this week I'm sharing a teaser from chapter one of Unforgiving Plains. But, moving forward, I will be dedicating a month to a book and going through four teasers in a row. So comment below, or on social media, with which of my already released books you'd like May to focus on: Owned by the Ocean, Heart Like an Ocean, Betrayed by the Ocean, Unforgiving Plains, or Shadows of the Unseen. 

And here's the excerpt that the this week's teaser has been taken from:

Unforgiving Plains

Chapter One


Vince frowned. She was much too concerned with the numbers of the ranch and not concerned enough with how to run it. “Not a slump. It’s a transitional phase. We have the new cattle coming in that’ll build up the herd again so for a couple years the money intake may diminish slightly, but it will build back up. Every decade or so these things happen unless you have the money to invest in new blood for your herd.”

“If your heifers all remain the same, how do you avoid inbreeding?”

“Every couple of years we rotate our bulls for new ones.”

Rayna nodded again, seemingly out of questions.

“Why are you so interested in the money side of things? Ranching isn’t all about the money. It’s about the lifestyle it offers you.”

Rayna scoffed. “Lifestyle? Hard work year round with no vacation? I’m interested because I’m a business woman and in the end it always comes down to numbers. The place has to be profitable.”

“And you’re planning on selling,” Vince added, the words a bitter taste in his mouth.

Rayna shrugged. “What did you expect? I’m not capable of running this place, nor do I want to.”

Vince dismounted and she followed suit, handing her horse’s reins to him.

“Your dad put his life into this place—“

“And forgot all about me. He couldn’t possibly have expected me to keep it.”

Vince busied himself with unsaddling so Rayna wouldn’t see the anger he was struggling to keep in check. She had an entire ranch just handed to her and she didn’t even care. She just wanted to pass it off and make a buck while doing it. What Vince would do to be give this place, any ranch, to call his own instead of living like a nomad. He lived out of his truck, going from ranch to ranch across Alberta. This was the longest he’d ever been in one place since Coaldale and because of that it had become home.

“No, but I would have thought this place would mean a little more to you,” he said through clenched teeth.

”Why should it? It might as well have belonged to a stranger," she said, whirling around and stalking away.

Vince didn't look up until the spinning tires of her Audi were nothing more than a settling cloud of dust.

Excerpt from Unforgiving Plains. Copyright 2013 Christine Steendam.

Rayna Fields has it all. A thriving big-city career and stunning gUnforgivingPlains-roneood looks. But under the surface is a sense of loss. 20 years ago her mother packed up the 5 year old Rayna and fled Fieldstone Ranch.

Now she has to go back. But waiting for her is the ghost of her estranged father and a run-down ranch threatened by cattle rustlers. Rayna turns to the one person willing to help - a cowboy named, Vince. He knows the ranch and knew her father. But can she trust him? Will his past destroy everything Rayna has worked for? Will Rayna find love in the Unforgiving Plains?

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