#TeaserTuesday: "Your actions must be beyond reproach,..."

chapter one I know, I know, I haven't been on top of my blogging as of late. Since spring is in full swing over here, I've been pretty busy with yard/barn/pasture cleanup and trying to squeeze just a bit of writing in. This hasn't left a lot of time for blogging. But since it is #TeaserTuesday, I thought I'd share with you a teaser from my newest release Shadows of the Unseen, as well as an excerpt that the teaser is taken from. Enjoy :)

Chapter One 

Saber August

Twenty-seven years later…


“Your mother is concerned about you.”

Saber scoffed, taking another puff of his quickly diminishing cigar.

“Do not make fun. You are nobility in this world, and I expect you to act as such.”

Saber nodded. His mother had been lamenting his behavior for months now. It had only been a matter of time before his grandfather addressed it, especially after Sunday.

Saber fought back the urge to bring up Aaron, to bring his grandfather’s attention to his younger grandson’s similar behavior. It was petty—and unnecessary. All his life Saber had been the golden child, the one being groomed to stand in Royce’s stead when the time came. There was more attention on him, more scrutiny, and more weight on his shoulders.

“You are to inherit everything I have created. Your actions must be beyond reproach, and right now they are not.”

Royce touched his desk, bringing up a tabloid article screaming the headline: “Do you trust your future to this boy?” in big bold letters and a picture of him hunched and puking  just outside a popular bar adorned more than half the page.

Saber looked away, sighing.  The article was what had started the argument on Sunday.

“This,” his grandfather said, indicating the article still glowing brightly on the glass top of his desk at Saber, “is an embarrassment to the family. To me.”

Saber’s face fell. He never could argue with his grandfather, nor handle his disapproval. “What do you expect me to do?”

Royce smiled, and Saber felt himself relax slightly. “I may be old, but I haven’t forgotten what it is to be young. Be more discreet and hold it together. I don’t want to see or hear anything like this about you again. Do you hear me?”

Saber swallowed his discomfort and nodded. “Is that everything?”

Royce nodded. “Yes. Enjoy your evening. I’ll see you on Sunday.”

Saber drained the last of his scotch, placing the glass down on the desk, directly on top of the tabloid article and took his leave, entering the lift and waving to his grandfather as the door whooshed closed. As the lift descended, Saber felt a weight lift from his shoulders. Conversations like that with his grandfather were anything but comfortable.

Heading out of Frontier Industries, he slid into his car and lifted it into the air, flying it toward his home.

Excerpt from Chapter One of Shadows of the Unseen. Copyright 2015 Christine Steendam

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