Heartland on CBC - Season 8 Episode 17

IMG_20141112_140348 I'm way behind on my Heartland. I mean... way behind. Like, the season finale already aired and I still haven't sat down to watch the episode BEFORE that one. I know, I'm a terrible fan.

But now I'm sitting down and watching episode 17.

The episode opens with Ty and Amy visiting a church. All I can think is, are they seriously eloping?!

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

and then the "three days earlier" appears and I breath a great big sigh of relief.

I love how Amy is turning to horses to deal with her stress--or rather the stress that her family is putting on her. It's very much in her character, and keeps things on the show focused on the horses. I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the drama of the show, and the horses bring me back to the calm serene side of things.

And then there's the whole Peter/Lou thing. GRRRR! Why are the confusing things for well... everyone?! Themselves, the kids... frustrates me.

But, Peter said something that I really loved, and stuck out even though I'm angry over what's going on.

"You are the beating heart of this family, Lou."

Yep. That line. Awesome. And so true. Which is why I love Lou, and I hate that Peter sees that, but they can't make their marriage work.

Tim, though... as much as I love him. He's being a real @$$. I get that it's nothing new, but when he turns that on Ty it just really upsets me.

And back to eloping...

It seems so much more fitting now, at the end of the episode. And I'm actually so proud of them for taking control of their lives and doing what they want and what is so them. So much more than a big wedding is, anyway.

But I'm still holding my breath for the big wedding in the season finale.

A lot of tension mounting in this episode, a lot of drama building and dissipating, and it's easy to tell that the season finale is coming up right around the corner.

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