Heartland on CBC - Ty's Trailer

IMG_20141112_103326This is the studio version of Ty's trailer, complete with removable walls to make room for camera crews. Much like, well, just about every set on Heartland, there are two. The studio set, and the location set. So depending on the scene, you might be seeing it filmed out on location, or in this very trailer pictured above.

The series publicist told me that the outside and porch scenes are done on location, while most of the interior ones have to be done in the studio due to space constraints. This trailer is larger on the interior than the location one. The amount of lighting, cameras, other equipment, and just number of people that have to get into a set to film a scene make it next to impossible to squeeze into the location trailer, and still have enough room to get the proper recording angles--but wouldn't that be a sight to see?

It wasn't being used on the particular day we were there, so it was dark, but it's neat to walk through it and see the little touches that make it Ty's home. Like a copy of Manitoba's own Horse Country Magazine! I can't believe I didn't take a picture of that sitting there on the dinette table :( I'm hoping my sister got one, though. So if she did, I'll update with some more pictures.

It was really cool to see, because I know the editor of the issue sitting in Ty's trailer. It's neat to see little bits of Canada spread throughout the set, bringing more reality to each of the character's lives. Not only that, but to see lines drawn for their lives, to mine.

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