Heartland on CBC - Lou's Office

IMG_20141112_102715 Welcome to Lou's office on the set of Heartland on CBC. This was such a cool set to walk onto - there are two of them, one in the studio, and one in the actual barn location and I visited the studio location.

When I stepped through the barn and into the office I was met by darkness. My eyes had to adjust a bit before taking in the dimly lit room filled with bottles and jars of horse supplements, shelves of books, and a large desk that took up the majority of the room. It gave a sense of welcome. There is nothing pretentious about this office. It almost invites you to trail your hands over the various items, inspecting each one in turn. You get the feeling that a real person works here. It's cluttered. Lou doesn't always have time to tidy up and put everything in its proper place. Pictures of family on the desk and on the shelves let you know what the most important thing to Lou is...and the reason behind her work space being imperfect.

And the two chairs... because you're always welcome to sit down a while and chat. And man, I wish I could have.

This set was especially exciting because Lou really resonates with me. She's a mom who wants to work, wants to do something beyond being a mother. She loves being a mom, and family always comes first, but she also doesn't want to give up the "old her". I think a lot of moms feel that way, especially those coming out of a professional career.

Lou's office struck me as a place that is full of possibility. Does she have her faults? Yes. Does she sometimes drive me crazy? Yes. But she goes after what she wants, and she's determined to be successful at whatever she puts her mind to. And that's Lou's office: strength, determination, imperfection, and potential.

Want to hear more about my trip to the set of Heartland? You can check out my post on seeing the filming of episode 15 HERE, and stay tuned to read more in the coming days.

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