Can You Help Me Help These Dogs?

10408679_10155223395080456_5952331074396401580_n 10448779_10155223395355456_1008420939509394466_n 11016089_10155223395180456_7007169490701067945_n These are just a few of the dogs that a local Winnipeg woman is rescuing from a dog shoot in northern Manitoba.

Unfortunately, dog shoots are something that happens from time to time in these communities. Before we get all up in arms about the inhumanity (yes, it is) and terribleness of the practice (once again, yes, it is), I just want to state that it's the DOGS that are important here and the help that they need.

A lot goes in to rescuing a dog. Rescue organizations have to be willing to accept them into their care, foster families need to be found to look after these dogs, socialize them, and welcome them into their own family until they are ready to be adopted, and not to mention the vet care and expenses to ensure these dogs are healthy and spayed/neutered.

I try and foster and donate when I can, but every once in awhile these emergency situations come up and you know that there will be a lot of costs accumulated for this. That's why I'm trying to do something to help.

For March 7-14th I'll be donating 100% of my royalties from Owned by the Ocean (print), Betrayed by the Ocean (print and ebook), and Shadows of the Unseen (print and ebook) to the care and vet expenses of these dogs. And, to makes this decision really easy for you, I've lowered the ebook price of Betrayed by the Ocean and Shadows of the Unseen to $0.99 (USD) on Amazon. So really, for less than the price of a coffee, you're helping out these dogs that desperately need it.

What does this all entail? This means I'll be keeping track of my sales through the online retailers. I'll be keeping track of which rescues are taking which dogs, and which vets are caring for them. March 16th I'll look at the numbers, look at the number of dogs, split the proceeds evenly between them, and donate directly to the vets for the payment of these particular dogs' bills.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

And as a disclaimer: I am acting alone in this. The rescues are not affiliated nor endorsing this. I am raising money as a individual for the vet care of these dogs.

So how about it, can you help me help these dogs? Let's work together, spread the word, enjoy some books, pay some vet bills, and help these dogs find a happy life.

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