No one deserves to be invisible. No one deserves to be unseen.

That's the tagline from my latest release, Shadows of the Unseen. After months and months of work, sleepless nights and maybe even a little tears, it's here! launch photo

No one deserves to be invisible. No one deserves to be unseen.

Saber August is the prince of the world. Heir to his grandfather's empire and next in line as prime minister, nothing is out of his reach. But when a past nightmare comes to haunt him, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Aaron August has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. Ignored and never quite good enough, all he wants is the approval and respect of his grandfather. All he wants is to take Saber's place.

But when a war erupts between the humans and the clones, each man has to choose a side. Fight for the clones, a race considered less than human, or stand by their family and everything they've ever known.

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
Christine Steendam
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