Saying good-bye to the blogging world.

This post has been a few months in the making. I've hmmmed and hawwed, flipped and flopped, and basically struggled with indecision but all the while knew what I really wanted--to retire my blog. When I first started my journey as an author I thought I had to be everywhere and do everything. I've since learned that stretching myself too thin just means I'm doing a half job at everything and taking myself away from my writing.

So I looked at all the platforms I was on and made a decision to cut out blogging. Why? Because it feels redundant for one, and two, I never really enjoyed it.

Between Facebook, Twitter and my newsletter I feel like I have all my bases covered and those 3 platforms are ones I actually enjoy. So I'm saying good-bye to blogging.

I will leave the blog up in the most minimal form... basically as an archive and with the link back to my website. If you want to keep in touch--and I really hope you do--please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for my newsletter.

Newsletter subscribers get extra bonuses that no one else does and it only goes out once a month. Right now I'm sending out chapters of my novella, Saved by the Ocean: Karl's Story in my newsletter as I write the book. Only newsletter subscribers get this inside look--as well as they will receive a free download of the finished product in all its glory. No one else will receive that, so for that alone it's totally worth it :)

I really hope you choose to stay in touch, but if you don't I just want to say thank you for taking this journey with me so far :)