Book Review: The Calling by Sara Barnard

The Calling by Sara Barnard is essentially the story of a prodigal son. After life deals Esau Fitzpatrick a bad hand he runs away from God and the people that love him only to find himself in a much worse place. The story is well paced and interesting, drawing the reader in through the present troubles and back to the journey that brought Esau to where he is. I found myself really caring about the character and hoping he could make everything alright, despite making some really dumb decisions.

I liked the religious aspect of it. It came across as real and genuine and I think it added to the character development.

Overall a good story. I wasn't as hooked as I could have been, but it was a nice quick read that kept me interested.

4 out of 5 stars.

You can purchase The Calling HERE.

Esau Fitzpatrick is bad at being good-and even worse at being bad. As he waits for his sweetheart, Ella Allen, inside the Paisley Settlement church, a brewing storm erupts and lightning strikes, setting the church aflame. Ella and her parents pull Esau from the fire, but his parents are lost in the blazing inferno. Angry at God, Esau flees his home and all he holds dear, only to fall in with the notorious Covington-Jones gang. He journeys down the path to destruction and darkness, reliving the hellish fire in his nightmares. Ella clings to the prayer that Esau will find his way back to a godly path - and to her. But Esau is gone, and her world is falling to pieces. Ella must lean on God in a way she's never had to before as she follows her heart against everyone's wishes. Can she dare to believe that Esau will ever change? Esau's life as an outlaw comes to a head during an epic cattle rustle. He is forced to choose between eternal hellfire and the rocky path of the Lord. Will Ella still be waiting for him? Or has he lost her forever? God reaches out to Esau again, but will it be in time


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