Book Review: The Forever Stone by Gloria Repp

I loved The Forever Stone. The protagonist drew me in instantly with her emotional scars, struggles and determination. Madeleine has been through her share of heartache and hardship but she isn't one to just roll over and take it. She's a strong female lead that the average person can relate with. She has weaknesses that she knows and acknowledges and fights to overcome, but she also is willing to lean on those around her for support and help. 
Religion plays a large role in the story, helping various characters, especially Madeleine in her struggles. But the faith aspect is a quiet, respectful and loving. Something I really appreciated. 
I couldn't stop reading this story once I started, I was so drawn by the characters and their stories. The romance aspect especially had me turning page after page wondering how it was going to turn out and when the end came I was sad to say goodbye. I immediately went on Amazon to see if there was a sequel lol.
5 stars for The Forever Stone.
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Paralyzing memories of abuse . . .
A beautiful glass paperweight . . .
Escape to the wilderness.

"Don't bury yourself in that wilderness!" her relatives say. "Even though you're a widow, you're still young." 

No matter what they think, Madeleine decides to go. She'll help her aunt restore the old house; she'll sign up for an online baking course; and she'll bury--yes, bury--those terrible memories. ''From now on," she tells herself, "I'm going to be strong and independent." 

Her plan seems to be working, except for the panic attacks, until she has to deflect the attentions of two men.

The doctor, who has a fire-scarred past, is not upset by her panic attacks and knows he can help her to heal. The writer, who conceals more than one secret, admires her spirit and is certain that she needs him.

God uses both men and her father's gift of a floral paperweight to remind her of His enduring "forever love," and as she yields to Him, she finds the courage to take a new and challenging path.