The Evolution of a Story--From 1st to 2nd draft.

Wow, I'm blogging a lot this week, especially considering I've done next to no blogging in the last few months. Must be something in the air. Anyway, right now I'm working on line edits for my latest project, working title Exodus. It is a sci-fi so I've taken a bit of a detour from my usual romance to write this story--but it is one that I've completely fallen in love with.

In doing line edits I came to the realization that sometimes the evolution a story goes through is quite fascinating and drastic--especially in my case when first drafts tend to be bare bones. I put a feeler out on my Facebook page to see if people would be interested in seeing some of those changes and it seems you without further ado here's a couple paragraphs from the 1st draft of the Prologue from Exodus followed by the same paragraphs from the 2nd draft.

Disclaimer: Property of Christine Steendam...yada yada... subject to editing and changes.


Royce picked the baby boy up from it’s place in the incubator. Slowly, carefully, he wrapped him in a blanket. Frontier Industries was quiet at this time of night. No one would know the infant was gone. He would change the paperwork, hide any trace of the child’s existence.

Walking out of the nursery, the infant held tightly against his chest, he walked brusquely down the hall and into the lift. Pressing his thumb to the scanner, he entered the door that whisked open and then it shot him upward towards his car.


Royce picked the naked baby boy up from where he rested in the incubator. The child’s legs kicked out ramrod straight as the cool air hit his bare skin and his eyes fluttered open, chin quivering with a threatened cry.

Carrying him over to a changing station, Royce placed the baby down. A wail escaped the infant’s lips, but the ward was abandoned presently and the baby received attention from no one besides the man who was clumsily holding him on the table with one hand while fumbling for a diaper.

Royce’s hands were steady, of unaccustomed to working with the tiny human who was kicking and screaming as he struggled to strap on the diaper and wrap him in a blanket.

“Sssssh,” he hummed out. “I know I’m no good at this but your mother will take wonderful care of you and you’ll never have to want again.”

Picking the child up again, this time resting him in the crook of his arm and tightly against his chest, he hummed as he walked and the wails of the baby diminished to a small whimper, and then to steady deep breathing as he fell back asleep.

Royce’s journey through Frontier industries paused at the lift, his finger pressing against the call button as he waited for the lift. He looked around but he was completely alone. The lift door slid open with a whoosh and Royce stepped in, pressing the button for his private parking pad on the roof of the building.

As the lift made its silent journey upwards Royce took a moment to look down at the sleeping child. He was perfect. Sabrina would love him as her own and no one would be the wiser. Royce had already erased the records that the child had ever existed. As far as anyone would ever know, this child was his grandson, the heir to the Frontier empire.

I hope you enjoyed that. Please keep in mind that this is only the first and second draft and it will be going through probably 4-6 more drafts before publication. 


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