Tony the Phony and the Cursed Mansion-Choose your own Adventure

Today’s post is part of a Choose Your Own Adventure Story written and hosted by T. Isenhoff and M. Isenhoff on their Storyboys blog. T. is in 3rd grade, and M. is in 6th grade. This story was their winter homeschool project. Travel over to their blog to start at the beginning. Have fun! Cursed Mansion

Ed took a deep breath. “Okay,” he said. “Let’s see what’s in there.”

They took up positions on either side of the door. Tony gently turned the handle. Ed nodded, and Tony flung it open.

Both of the boys’ jaws dropped in a silent scream. A zombie wearing a western shirt and blue jeans was linedancing in the middle of the room. A wide-brimmed cowboy hat shielded his face, but a stumbling dosey doe turned him in their direction.

His face was green and splotchy. He had red eyes with fangs showing through a scraggly beard. A name tag on his shirt read Hello! My name is Silas Walker. At that moment he caught sight of the boys. He roared!

“Run!” Tony screamed.

The boys whipped around and raced for the stairs. The zombie lunged after them with long, loping steps. They reached the bottom and darted under an arch. The doorway brought them into a long, open room the size of a gymnasium. Rusted coats of armor lined both sides. The armor began to creak. They rattled. Then one by one, they stepped off their pedestals.

A huge fireplace at one side of the room shrieked. Ghostly shapes came whisking out the chimney and into the room.

The boys screamed! Then the zombie lumbered into the room behind them. They sprinted through the ghosts and armor to the far side of the room where they were stopped by two closed doors. One was made of carved wooden panels studded with gems. The other was heavy rusted metal, bound with strips of brass.

“Which one do we open?” Ed yelled.

If the boys should go through the wooden door, click here. If they should open the metal door, click here.