Book Review: Willy Smith-Dreamer by J.C. Lovell

What a fun book! Right from the start I was immersed in the world of Willy Smith's imagination. It brought me back to my own childhood when a stack of haybales was a castle and a stick a beautiful sword. J.C Lovell wrote a wonderful adventure for children that will have kids getting off the couch and using their imagination. The characters were great. I think Mr. Lovell captured the narrative of children very well and they all had their own voice and individual personalities.

I was a little disappointed that some of my questions weren't answered, namely about the antagonist and would have liked to know a little bit more about him before the end of the story. That being said there is a sequel coming so my questions will likely get answered then.

This is a book I'll definitely be reading to my own sons in the future. It's a good, fun, clean read that really shows the importance of dreaming, imagination and facing fears.

4 out of 5 stars.

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Willy was a dreamer, always had been, always will be! Being a dreamer had always got Willy into trouble, right up to the time that it changed his life forever. Totherwold is the place where all our dreams, hopes, wishes and nightmares live. Willy ends up there when he looks through a hole in a stone he found in a pea field and gets sucked into this amazing world! Willy must save the life of Mini, a girl from his school, who will die if he doesn't rescue the 'dream' Mini, in Totherwold. She has been kidnapped by the evil Marish, in an attempt to free their leader, Nabdam, trapped in Willy's world. Willy meets many weird and wonderful people and creatures in some fantastic places. He battles with warriors, monsters and man-eating plants that are determined to stop him on his quest. But is Willy's dream big enough..........?