New Release: New Guard by Andrew Lorenz #comic #superhero

To say I'm excited about this brand new release is an understatement. I was privileged enough to read New Guard #1 before its release and I can tell you, it is a fantastic comic. This first issue has a lot of action and a little peak into the characters which drew me in instantly and has me waiting anxiously for more. There is another reason I'm excited about this release, though, and that is because I will be co-scripting (it's a comic term, be proud of me lol) with Andrew Lorenz on one or two issues of New Guard! How cool is that? I'm beyond stoked to collaborate on a super hero comic book--my inner nerd is doing all kinds of happy dances right now.

Now, without further ado, more info on this brand new release:

COVER topWritten and created by Andrew Lorenz with art by Kenan Halilovic, New Guard #1 marks the debut of September17 Productions second major comic book title, following on the heels of its flagship book, LEGACY. Whereas LEGACY deals with one man's efforts to save a city, New Guard is about a group of young superhumans determined to protect a world that doesn't believe in heroes anymore.

"Ten years have passed since the debut of the hero known as Paragon, in the city of Legacy, that led to the Age of Heroes; a time of unparalleled discovery and adventure.

Larger than life heroes with superhuman abilities, like those of ancient myth, battled villains and creatures that had only existed before in fiction. They stood watch against threats both from within and without.

But no more.

A great crisis struck down many of these powered defenders, and in the process much of the world's population not only lost faith in their costumed heroes, but trust as well.  Across the globe, many countries have passed laws banning the use of extra-human abilities. In some places the penalty for breaking those laws is death.

Wanted or not, though, heroes are still needed. Now, perhaps, more than ever.

The forces of evil do not concern themselves with the laws of men and a new age, an Age of Darkness is upon us.

Recognizing this, the man known as Cross, has sought out and recruited a group of young superhumans to fight the war against the darkness that threatens to overrun the world.

A New Guard rises to protect Earth and its citizens, no matter the cost."

New Guard #1 is the third book from S17 and both it and LEGACY #1 and #2 can be purchased from the following: Digital Copies Print Copies  or in person at Blaine's in Selkirk Town Plaza  (366 Main St, Selkirk, MB) Galaxy Comics  (200-1109 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba) also available directly through the September17 website