A look back over the past year

Wow, and what a year it has been. 2013 was full of firsts, and a few seconds, and even a couple thirds.

  • February 5th my first novel, Heart Like an Ocean was published by 5 Prince Publishing!
  • In April we moved in to our second house that Kyle (my husband) built.
  • In July we bought our dream property--a beautiful 15 acre horse farm.
  • On August 9th we welcomed into the world our second child, and second son, Deacon! He was 3 days early, much to our surprise after his older brother was 14 days late!
  • On September 12th I had my very first book signing and reading and McNally Robinson--what an experience!
  • On September 13th we got possession of our new house and we moved for the second time in 2013 :D And hopefully the last time ever!
  • October 22nd my second book, Unforgiving Plains was published!
  • Aaaand, last but not least, my oldest son, Jasper, turns TWO on December 31st! (today) :D Happy Birthday, little man.

Just writing all this down makes my head spin lol. Now, to crunch a few numbers...

  • As of now (and I haven't received reports back for the entire year yet) I've sold over 200 copies of Heart Like an OceanNot huge numbers... but numbers that I am very happy with nonetheless.
  • I've sold 20 print copies of Unforgiving Plains in the last 24 hours! 
  • And I have no idea how many copies of Unforgiving Plains I've sold online yet, but I can't wait to find out.

I have many goals for the year 2014 involving writing. I hope sales follow but, in the end, the fact that I can write books and get them out to people is a dream come true. And the people I have met along the way has been an incredible experience.

  • Andrew Lorenz, founder of September 17 Productions writes and publishes his own comic books. And they are awesome! He has become a great friend and supporter in this past year.
  • Sara Barnard, fellow 5 Prince Publishing author writes historical fiction. We bonded over writing, family, and our love of animals.
  • Carmen DeSousa has been there right from the start of my journey. She is a multi-time best selling author of romantic suspense and has been encouraging, supportive and just plain awesome.
  • Author, Anne-Rae Vasquez is a new Twitter friend and author of Doubt Book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy.
  • Of course, everyone at 5 Prince Publishing has been fantastic and family and friends have been overwhelmingly supportive. I am so very blessed.

I've probably missed some people but really, there are way too many to list. Thank you all so much for your support in 2013 and here's to a wonderful 2014. christine1wm


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