Book Review: Home Again by Donna B McNicol

Home Again is a heart warming read about a young single-mother returning to her small home town. She'd left behind life in the busy city. After a broken marriage and always having to look after herself and her son, Sarah has to learn how to trust again and settle back into the small-town life with her son. Of course, there is the good looking Sherrif, Carl to add to all the excitement.

I enjoyed this story. Donna McNicol paced the story in such a way that I always wanted to know what was next. Occasionally the dialogue was a little stiff or immature for the more mature characters and there is some head hopping (Point of view changes without scene breaks), but other than that the story was a great read.

The last 1/4 of the novel I absolutely could not put down. With a little bit of suspense it had me turning page after page and putting off my house work (lol).

All in all a fun read. 4 out of 5 stars.

As far as the clean rating goes there is some heavy kissing as well as some sexual content (foreplay). A little more than I would have liked for a clean read.

Continued from the prequel short story, "Lost and Found":

After a move back home to rural Kansas, single mom Sarah looks forward getting back to a simpler lifestyle but her eight year old son, Brian, thinks differently. They have to forget some of their big city ways that might set them apart from new hometown. No city buses, no big movie cinemas, no street lights and no 911 service. Sarah worries that Brian will grow bored and get into trouble but she has her own worries, like finding a job to support them. There isn’t much call for more waitresses in a town with one diner and a coffee shop. How will she support them so they can stay here in her home town?

Then there is the hunky sheriff who’s also new to town, Carl Pierce, who seems to be quite interested in learning more about Sarah and her son. Will his ex-wife cause them problems? What about Sarah’s ex? Will Brian rebel at the thought of another man in his life? What happens when the tornado rips through the area?

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