Book Review: Calling Me Home by CaSondra Poulsen

Calling Me Home is a fun, fast paced romance. It starts out with a  short prologue giving us a little bit of background to our female lead; Samantha, then delves right into the story in Chapter 1 presenting the reader with a mystery that will follow the entire book. The mystery is only background to the growing relationships in the book as well as growing characters. What I really liked is that none of the characters ended the book the same person as they were when it began. However, the changes and growths completely fit in with their character.

The romance is fast, but it goes through its share of ups and downs that made me feel like the relationship would last past "the end".

The last little bit of the story had me turning page after page (though the entire book kept me pretty glued right from the start) and I couldn't put it down until I'd reached the conclusion.

Unfortunately there is a great deal of "head hopping" in the book. Meaning that the reader gets jumped around between points of view without a scene break. I didn't find it confusing and it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book though.

Each character had their own distinctive voice and their own role to play, which is probably why the head hopping wasn't much of an issue for me--each person's thoughts and dialogue was so distinctly theirs.

I'm giving Calling Me Home by CaSondra Poulsen 4 out of 5 stars.

Tom’s smooth surfing life becomes a series of crashing waves when he finds Samantha Richards beaten and barely conscious on the shore of Huntington Beach. His protective nature draws him to shelter the small-town Nebraska girl as she recovers. Captivated by her beauty, Tom quickly falls for Samantha, all the while struggling to understand her family’s lack of concern. The attack has left Samantha battling to unlock the memories trapped within her mind. Hurt and confused by her family’s scarcity, she decides to focus on the one who is concerned about her, Tom. Taya Mitchell, Tom’s sister and Samantha’s best friend encourages their relationship until Samantha’s brother shows up at their home. Greeted by a stiff righthook, Brian immediately disdains Tom. Taya impressed by Brian’s ability to hold his own with her brother offers him kindness. As the siblings maneuver through the inundating emotions, tragedy strikes once more, bringing them closer, and pushing them farther than they thought possible.

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