Book Review: Little Spoon by Sara Barnard -- Children's book

I read Little Spoon to my 2 year old son who never sits still for anything. Well, he sat still for this book. I loved the message that no matter how much you mess up you can still do and be someone great. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful and full of color and expression. As a mother I find so many children's books boring for me to read. Not Little Spoon. It was cute, even for me. It's easy to read with expression and point out things in the picture to your little listener. I'm sure this book will become a favorite in our house.

Walks With A Stumble wants nothing more than to become a great chef someday, but as his name states, this Navajo preschooler is a bit clumsy. With the love and support of his mother, Walks With A Stumble learns that, in order to achieve your dreams, the first step is to be true to yourself.

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