The Real Deal

When I aspired to be an author I said there would be 3 signs to let me know I had "made it", I am the real deal. 1. Readers can't put down my book. To the point that they'll stay up all night reading it.

2. My characters came to life in the reader's head. So much so that they get an emotional response over things that they did and the reader can  talk about them like they're real people.

3. There are people that will buy my book because of my name on the cover;  they love what I wrote in the past and trust that I'll put out a good story that they'll love. Like the fans of authors like Stephen King, who will go out and buy one of his books just because he wrote it, not because they know anything about the story.

In the last 24 hours I've been told my book has done 1 and 2 to readers.  Wow! I'm so thrilled and excited. You have absolutely no idea how much your feedback means.

As an author I put out, to the public, a piece of me in everything I write. It is terrifying. More scary than jumping out of a plane--and I've done that.

So thank you. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave reviews, email me, facebook or tweet. You make me feel like the real deal.