'Owned by the Ocean'... change of plans...

Remember the post I wrote  awhile ago about what's next for Owned by the Ocean? Well, I may have jumped the gun a little bit with that post.

Let me explain...

I had everything lined up to self publish Owned by the Ocean and then someone said: Why aren't you getting your publisher to release it? Um, good question. Why wasn't I?

I had, in my mind, decided that my publisher wouldn't be interested in releasing a book for free. But, I also realized that I no longer could release it for free on my own if I was going to invest money into it. Time, I was more than willing to invest. But money, on my meager author salary was not something I could afford to invest in a free book.

But, I really wanted to keep Owned free. So I talked with my publisher about a month ago. They were interested. Things were worked out, and yesterday I signed the contract.

Owned by the Ocean is being released in January 2014 by 5 Prince Publishing as a FREE ebook.

Are you excited? Cause I am!