Writing With Kids

I'm sitting here at my desk today, trying to get my mind on writing. Both my toddler and baby are finally napping and I have an hour or so to myself. Sort of. This is about the time of day I'm presented with the decision I have to make daily: drink more coffee, or nap? More coffee puts me up to 3-4 cups so far today... and it's only just hitting the noon hour.

Writing with kids, especially young kids, is not easy. It is full of distraction. You're on a roll? Too bad. Your two year old is about to dive off the counter top and you have to abandon your writing to go save him.

Add to the mix sleep deprivation, a house that seems to get messy as fast as you can clean it, and endless laundry and dishes and writing seems almost impossible.

So, kiss goodbye to the hour long writing roll, unless you're doing it before the kids are awake for the day. Chances are, if you're like me, your days are fueled by exorbitant amounts of caffeine, and little 100 word writing spurts throughout the day. I'm still not sure how I average 1,000 words a day at that rate.

And I just realized how this post basically encompasses the title of my blog: Caffeine and Contemplation.

Anyway, I'm off to brew more coffee and try to write more than 100 words in one sitting. Decision made :)