What's next for 'Owned by the Ocean'

Owned by the Ocean coverI know, my blogging as been inconsistent lately. But, that's what happens when you are adjusting to life with a new baby and trying to keep up with the writing of novels. Speaking of novels, I've come to a decision as to what I'm going to do next with Owned by the Ocean. 

First of all, it will always be available for free here on my blog and on Wattpad. I went into this project intending to distribute it for free and I want to continue to do that.

However, I know some people have expressed interest in having it available as an ebook and I'm here to announce that I am moving forward with those plans. As of right now the plan is to have it available on Kindle and Smashwords for $0.99. Why isn't it for free? Well, an editor will be going over it and that costs money.

But, I'm not stopping at an ebook. There are also future plans for a limited edition print run. What does that mean? It means that as plans become more concrete I will be taking preorders for the paperback edition. Based on those preorders I will have a single printing done. All copies will be signed and numbered and there will be no other printings. So once they're gone, they're gone.

As for a timeline--I'm hoping to move forward relatively quickly with the ebook. I'm working on finalizing the cover art because I'm not happy with the initial design (and let me say I won't ever be designing my own cover art again lol). It also depends on the editors schedule, but I should be able to update you with a release date soon.

Pre-orders for the print edition should happen soon after the release of the ebook.

This decision is pretty exciting for me and my first time delving into self-publishing.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future :)