New Arrival!

You may have noticed that review week got cut a little short last week, and nothing got posted on the Friday. Well, that's because I had my baby! I went into labor Thursday afternoon and by 1:15 AM Friday morning (12 hours later) Deacon Ross was born a healthy 8 lb 10 oz.

We are both doing really well. I feel awesome and Deacon is very happy and content so far. His big brother, Jasper, is very fascinated by him and even a little protective.



There is some adjusting to do so I may be a lot less active in the blogosphere for the next while, but I'm sure I'll still be around on Facebook :) I have a few promised posts/reviews that will still get out but I'm not sure about how regular posting will be besides that. Especially with a move coming up in a month!

How I did last week:

Writing: Well, this is embarrassing... but I didn't write at all :/ I have been working on revamping the cover for Owned by the Ocean  though since the lettering needs to be more contrasted to the picture.

Pregnancy: Over! Had the baby at 39 weeks 4 days :D

House: We got the outside lights installed, speakers in the deck and garage as well as the house number up :)

Goals for this week:

Writing: I'd like to write about 500 words a day on Betrayed by the Ocean. So 3500 words.


  • Sod front yard.
  • Drywall basement utility room.--In progress
  • Get the deck fan working.--waiting for replacement

Have a happy Monday :)