Promotional tools- Facebook

So I've been playing around a bit with my online presence, trying to find what works and what doesn't. I think it's readily apparent that just shouting out "buy my book" is not going to get me many, if any sales. Social media is not a billboard, it is a place for interaction, connection and socialization (imagine that!).

So, with the idea that I'd build a strong platform first in ONE place, before taking on every social media outlet available, I've been concentrating on Facebook lately and here's what I've learned.

Facebook is awesome for interaction. If people are following you on Facebook chances are they want to interact with you on some level, or at the very least want to know what is going on in your life/with your books. But, it is also very easy to abuse.

The thing about Facebook is, it isn't Twitter. It isn't a bunch of white noise where your annoying billboard posts with just get lost in the jumble. No, if you post too much, you will get deleted. If you treat your followers like people you're trying to advertise to and not get to know, they will delete you. Facebook is for CONNECTIONS.

So, here are some things I've discovered:

1. Don't fill people's newsfeeds with posts. Sure, some days you'll have more to say than others, but I doubt you have 20 statuses worth.

2. Same goes for content. Make your posts meaningful. Make posts that will either a) update your readers on your projects/life or b) produce conversation. Not: Buy my book! (though doing this occasionally is acceptable).

3. Use your page stats! They'll tell you peak times people are on and give you a better chance of creating discussion and, in turn, making connections. They'll also tell you what kind of posts are popular.

and 4. Follow other people (authors, editors, cover designers..etc..) that have Facebook pages and interact on their posts.

Facebook is all about socialization, not about selling products. But, making connections and friends will, in turn, sell your product without you having to sit there yelling like a street vendor.

How I did last week:

Writing: 22,000 words this week. Not quite my goal of 25,000 but since I'm nesting like crazy here, it's putting a dent in my writing time. lol

Pregnancy: 37 weeks!

House: Rail on the deck began to go up. Driveway is all prepped to be poured. Brick is going on the fireplace as I write!

Goals for this week:

Writing: Edit chapter 12 of 'Owned by the Ocean' and get a few thousand words written on 'Betrayed by the Ocean'.

Pregnancy: 3 weeks till due date! 5 weeks maximum (but it won't go that long...right? RIGHT? lol)


  • Brick around the fireplace- in progress.
  • Rail and stairs around deck- in progress.
  • Rail for front entrance.
  • Drywall garage.
  • Sod front yard.
  • Pour concrete driveway
  • Put up for sale!

Have a happy Monday everyone :)