We're moving... again!

So if you follow me on Facebook you know that we bought a house complete with 15 acres of land (divided into 2 pastures), a gorgeous hip-roof barn, multiple out buildings and just brimming with opportunity for memories to be made :)

We get possession in September, which will put our move count in the last 12 months to 3! Yes, we will have moved 3 times in the last 12 months! 4 in the last 18... But, we're finally settling down. This is the place we're staying.

new house

How I did Last week:

Writing: Betrayed by the Ocean is finally starting to flow nicely but editing of Owned by the Ocean did suffer a little last week. I'll be busy today getting chapter 11 ready for tomorrow's release.

Pregnancy: 36 weeks!

House: Stucco got done. Grading of the yard was finished. Picked up railing supplies for the deck and front entrance.

Goals for this week:

Writing: I really want to keep up with this new found inspiration for Betrayed by the Ocean so I'm hoping to get to 25,000 words or so. Another chapter of Owned by the Ocean done and some beta reading for a friend.

Pregnancy: 4 weeks till due date! 6 weeks maximum!

House: What's left to be done:

  • Brick around the fireplace.
  • Rail and stairs for the deck.
  • Rail for front entrance.
  • Drywalling of garage.
  • Sodding of front yard.
  • Pouring concrete driveway.
  • Put up for sale!

Anyone else have some big changes happening in their life? Exciting news?