Cover Reveal: Uncontrollably Wasted by C. Elizabeth Vescio

I am so excited for this book... like... so excited. lol I read the first book awhile back on request for a review and ended up just falling in love so when I was given the opportunity as a blogger to be involved in helping spread the word about book 2 of the 'Wasted' series I jumped at the chance. So, without further ado... The cover art for Uncontrollably Wasted by C. Elizabeth Vescio:



Book Name: Uncontrollably Wasted (The Wasted Series, #2) Book Genre: New Adult Book release date: Fall 2013 by Luna Station Press Series website: Uncontrollably Wasted  (book #2) on Goodreads: Elegantly Wasted (book #1) on Amazon: Elegantly Wasted (book #1) on Barnes and Noble:

c_vescio_pic_smallAbout the author C. Elizabeth Vescio: Jack of all trades and stereotypical black sheep, Cara has been writing somewhat dark and morbid since that teen angst hit somewhere in the early 90's- probably because her dad was a mortician. After pursuing a degree in English, she changed gears to photography and design in 2006... although she kept penning stories for fun while reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde and Hemingway (whom she adores even though he was a huge douche canoe). In 2009, her life shifted considerably and she found herself writing Elegantly Wasted- helping her sort out a bunch of stupid feelings and other lame stuff.

She enjoys cynical debates, cupcakes, making her mother-in-law sew her aprons that she never wears, zombies, the Fifth Element and Tomb Raider. She gathers her life inspirations from Neil Gaiman, Julia Child and Paul Simon. When she isn't out photographing her next project, she's studying color, concept and design or writing stuff down in hopes it makes sense one day... or she's on Pinterest.

Cara lives in Las Vegas with her husband, John and their three genetically altered dogs all of which have personal vendettas for the guy who cleans the pool.

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