Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Not much of a blog post for you today... check out the giveaway I have on my Facebook page just for today (July 1st) HERE

How I did this week:

Writing: Well, with grad and out of town guests, writing kinda sucked. I got half of chapter 9 edited--which means I'll be busy today. I just finished writing my short story that is due today. And I got some edits done of Unforgiving Plains--man, am I excited about that book :) On the upside I got lots of reading done lol.

Pregnancy: 34 weeks!

House: Outside brick is done! The fireplace will get done the next rainy day we have and Kyle is finishing grouting the backsplash right now.

Goals for next week:

Writing: Edit chapters 9 and 10 of Owned. Get some more of Betrayed written. Do any edits of Unforgiving Plains I receive from my editor.

Pregnancy:  2 weeks minimum, 6 weeks till due date, 8 weeks maximum!

House: Stucco? Maybe?