When you've taken on too much: Sink or Swim?

I want to talk a little about taking on more than you can chew. You might remember a little post I did back in the beginning of June where I talked about cutting down on blogging to make way for my insane writing schedule.

Well, it seems that insane writing schedule has caught up to me. Not only has my daily goals slowly but surely overwhelmed me, but left me exhausted and useless and it's time to say: "Pick your priorities, Christine."

We all do it from time to time; take on too much. That's okay. We just have to be willing to step back and let some of those burdens fall off before they weigh us down and leave us sinking.

Sure, I had great goals to write 3,000 words a day.

I had great goals to release a chapter a week of a novella I wrote a few years back (but is in need of heavy editing).

I had the great idea to fill day and night with writing so that I wouldn't get bored during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Instead, I'm exhausted.

I forgot I have a house to keep clean, a son to raise and a family to feed. Not to mention other social obligations that pop up from being a part of... society (Yeah, I know. Us writers would rather be in a cave :P lol)

I took some time for myself this weekend and I thought long and hard about what's important. Obviously my #1 project right now is Owned by the Ocean. I've been providing you with chapters every Tuesday and I can't stop that out of thin air.

What is not a priority? Writing the entire first draft of Betrayed by the Ocean in June. Sure, it would have been nice. But there is still July and August and September and in the end it will get written, and probably a whole lot better if I'm not jumping between 4 projects.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed lately by everything on your plate? Don't be afraid to let some of it go, put it on the back burner, and take some time for yourself.

How I did last week:

Writing: Chapter 8 of Owned by the Ocean is edited and just about ready for tomorrow's release. Any new writing hasn't happened and you know what? I'm not beating myself up over it. Oh, and I got the first 5 chapters of Unforgiving Plains back from my editor so I went over those and we talked a bit back and forth. I love this process :)

Pregnancy: 33 weeks!

House: Backsplash would have been finished... if we didn't run out of grout! Oh well. Just one more weekend to work on it.

Goals for this week:

Writing: Chapter 9 of Owned by the Ocean edited and ready for next week's release. Finish a short story for an anthology due beginning of July. Go over any edits of Unforgiving Plains I might get back from my editor.

Pregnancy: 3 weeks minimum (that can't be right lol), 7 weeks till due date (freaking out!), 9 weeks maximum.

House: As I write this the brick layers are outside starting my brick! Woohoo! Which means it should be done this week. Backsplash should get finished over the weekend (provided we can get the same grout at a hardware store). Shaping up to be a busy, but good week.

Happy Monday everyone :)