Pick me! Pick me!

Promotion. I have a lot to learn on that front, but most of the time it feels a little like I'm jumping up and down, waving my arms, shouting "pick me! pick me!'... the only problem being that there are about a million other authors doing the exact same thing. So, what do we do to get ourselves to stand out from the crowd?

I'm not good at promotion. I never claimed to be, probably never will come up with some amazing strategy to sell hundreds of thousands of books. I'm an introvert. I try and connect with people online, but in a sea of authors trying to do the same thing, it can be hard. I don't like twitter. To me it's a bunch of white noise that I don't like to look at, and I don't really expect people to pay attention to me. I use it, because I kinda have to. I like Facebook, and concentrate my efforts there, but lately it feels like it's at a stand still. I don't want to just like random author pages in an effort to get them to "return the favor" because that feels like an empty gesture.

Promotion. Is it anything more than screaming at the top of your lungs and hoping it gets heard by one or two people? I've seen authors post on Facebook in ALL CAPS JUST TO MAKE THEIR POSTS STAND OUT! I unfollow them pretty fast. I find this obnoxious, and it pretty much is screaming.

There has to be something more. Some way to make meaningful connections with people that involves more than useless attention seeking promotion. Unfortunately, I haven't found it yet.

So, in the next while I'll be doing some trial-and-error experiments with promotion for Heart Like an Ocean in an attempt to get a good idea of what does and doesn't work for the release of Unforgiving Plains. 

My first experiment is to offer Heart Like an Ocean for FREE on storycartel.com. This site lists it for 20 days and offers free downloads to anyone willing to leave honest reviews once they're done. My hopes are to get upwards of 20 reviews for HLAO through this--we'll see how it actually turns out. Oh, and as a little extra incentive 3 lucky reviewers through story cartel will win $10 Amazon Giftcards. So, go on and get your free copy HERE

In the meantime my Twitter account will likely be a lot quieter as I stop trying to sell HLAO and start trying to promote it in other ways.

Anyway, on to the Monday updates:

How I did last week:

Writing: ug, terrible. I wrote something like 2,000 words all week on Owned and 4,000 on Betrayed. But, I came up with a name for the sequel: Betrayed by the Ocean and I beta read 3 chapters.

Pregnancy: 31 weeks!

House: Brick hasn't come yet. Backsplash has begun, though!

Goals for this week:

Writing: 1,000 words a day on Betrayed, Finish chapter 6 of Owned and Chapter 7 edits, Beta read 3 chapters.

Pregnancy: 5 weeks minimum, 9 weeks till due date, 11 weeks maximum! Wow, this is going way too fast.

House: Finish backsplash. Maybe the brick guy will come by?

Happy Monday everyone :)