Book Review: Frostarc by Arthur McMahon

I really enjoyed Frostarc. It's a sci-fi apocalypse type story with intelligent zombies and the big question: Who is Kozz and what is he hiding from? I'm a fan on the zombie genre but feel it is getting a little tired and overdone as of late. Frostarc is a refreshing new take on zombies. The infected are intelligent. They can set traps, tear apart vehicles and communication devices, and they can be healed. Yes, it's possible to heal.

There is more plot and suspense than actual blood and gore. McMahon doesn't rely on shock factor to draw his readers in. So, good on him :)

I liked the characters. Kozz, the main character, is rough around the edges and has some secrets that as a reader you're dying to uncover. There are clear set bad guys and good guys and you really don't like the bad guys.

McMahon writers great dialogue and setting. His descriptions are beautiful. But, I felt he internalized thoughts a little too often, taking the reader out of the action, so to speak, more than I'd like.

I'm not too familiar with omniscient viewpoint, but I think that's what Frostarc is written in. It took a little getting used to, and I can't say I'm a huge fan, but McMahon does seem to pull it off without confusing the reader as to whose head we're in.

There is a cliffhanger ending, so don't expect a neatly tied up story. I wasn't nearly ready for this book to end when it did, and can't wait for book 2.

I'm giving Frostarc 4 out of 5 stars.

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When a violent pandemic turns his neighbors homicidal, Kozz is forced to break out of his solitude and venture back to the world where he left his love behind.

Frostarc is a journey through one man's struggle to forgive himself. The people of his frozen planet have gone insane, and many have disappeared. Kozz needs to find a way off his ice-block prison in order to track down his wife and must make sure she is shielded from the madness that has befallen humanity. Hiding from his past is no longer an option. A decade of isolation and self-loathing has destroyed his spirit, but a young boy and mother who Kozz finds on his travels serve as a surrogate family, one he feels compelled to protect.

Mystery and turmoil plague a civilization in its early period of space pioneering. Frostarc will haunt readers with its bloody, western-shootout style and frightening revelations of Kozz's secret history. He needs to find his wife. He needs to ensure her safety. He should never have left.

About the Author:

Arthur McMahon is….

That is the most difficult opening to a paragraph I have ever encountered. What and who am I?

Would you know me better if I told you where I worked my 9 to 5? I have lived in New Jersey, Oregon, and Massachusettes– all for much longer than where I currently reside in California. I have earned a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon, but does any of this tell you anything about me?

No, I think not.

My creative writings reveal more about myself than the boring facts ever will. You are reading my thoughts, discovering the story arches my mind has struggled to create, delving deep into the psyche that is me. The best way to get to know an author is to read his or her writing.

I welcome you to keep exploring my innermost secrets. I let loose the bindings of privacy and open my world to you, dear reader. Enjoy what you uncover.