News! *Happy Dance*

I've been sitting on this news all weekend and I can't contain it any longer... I've signed a contract with 5 Prince Publishing for Unforgiving Plains!

unforgiving plains cover fun

That's right, Unforgiving Plains, my contemporary romance/western has found itself a home with the wonderful publishing house that released Heart Like an Ocean. I couldn't be more excited to work with this lovely group of people again.

So, keep your eyes open because in October, 2013 Unforgiving Plains will be hitting the internet shelves near you... and maybe even some physical shelves.

In the meantime, if you're looking for some new content from me, there is always Owned by the Ocean, the prequel to Heart Like an Ocean which I am releasing for free, chapter-by-chapter.

Chapter 4 gets posted tomorrow, so don't miss it. Or, catch up on the first three chapters HERE

How I did last week:

Editing: Blaaaaah. It felt like such a useless week. But I actually did get the 1 chapter of Owned by the Ocean edited that I needed to. Beta reading? That didn't really happen.

Pregnancy: 29 weeks! Woohoo!

House: Tile is finished, garage floor is poured, land is graded. Not a bad week.

Goals for this week:

Editing: A chapter of Owned by the Ocean, 3 chapters beta read. And whatever else my publisher tells me to do.

Pregnancy: 7 weeks minimum until I can have baby, 11 weeks till due date, 13 weeks maximum before I have baby. Even the max 13 weeks seems like it's just around the corner!

House: Brick? Maybe? That'd be nice. And finish up the master bathroom.

Happy Monday everyone :)