Long Weekend

It's a long weekend here in Canada--Happy Victoria Day! So, because of that I'm gonna take a break from blogging and just update you on my weekly goals.

How I did last week:

Editing: I think I did fairly well on this front. Let's see. Last week I said I had to get Chapter 2 and 3 edited of Owned by the Ocean. Done. Chapter 2 was released on Tuesday, as planned, and Chapter 3 was all edited and ready to go as of Friday. Woohoo. I also said I was going to beta read 2-3 chapters... I completed 2 chapters. I not only prepped Unforgiving Plains for submission, but actually submitted it! (Drumming fingers, tapping feet)...waiting sucks. AND I started brainstorming for the sequel to Heart Like an Ocean. So, not only did I complete that hefty list of goals, but in some cases I went further :D

Pregnancy: 28 weeks! For those of you counting... that means I'm officially in the third trimester!!!! *Happy Dance* Oh wait, maybe don't dance too hard. Still too early for baby.

House: Tile is in but not complete. I don't care... it looks awesome! Sinks are all hooked up (kitchen, laundry, en suite...etc...) and Kyle began to prep our garage floor to be poured.

Goals for this week:

Editing: Get chapter 4 of Owned by the Ocean edited. Beta read 3-4 chapters. Lock down the plot of the Heart Like an Ocean sequel.

Pregnancy: Well, seeing as it is a just... so I made it to next week thing.... let's start a countdown! 7-8 weeks left before I can safely have this baby. 12 weeks left till full term!

House: Garage floor/driveway prep. Finish tiling. Possibly start brick? Decide on a blacksplash!

Have a great Monday everyone :)