Constructive Criticism

Taking constructive criticism is hard... especially when it's from a loved one. Last night I was at my parents' house. We spend every Sunday evening there, for dinner and coffee and lots of conversation. It's a time I have come to cherish. Anyway, the difference between criticism and critique came up at one point. I always find criticism to be a negative word, and in a positive situation critique should be used. However, the term constructive criticism is what most of us writers deal with on a day-to-day basis--which, in my opinion falls in a neutral ground. lol

I think many of us have a love-hate relationship with the term. It's hard to accept that our hard work isn't perfect and although we know it isn't, it's equally as hard to swallow when the flaws are pointed out.

Last night my mom offered some constructive criticism on my latest work, Owned by the Ocean, which I am releasing for free on my blog. Of course, I accepted the offer and waited to hear what she had to say with baited breath. I cannot say this enough: as much as we know we need it, no one likes flaws pointed out.

My mom had a very good point, and although my pride wants to argue it, it is something I have to consider while moving forward with Owned by the Ocean. 

So, my thought today is: Even if you don't like the critique you are given, sleep on it, consider it when it stings a little less, and in the end realize it is your decision if you put the information given to use or not.

Weekly Update:

Editing: Chapter 2 of Owned by the Ocean will be finished today. I only have a couple paragraphs left. Beta reading has been slow, but I also need to start reading published books again so I can start reviewing new material.

Pregnancy: 27 weeks!

House: Not much. Starting to think about backsplash aka we can't agree on a style AT ALL lol, Undercabinet lighting has been purchased but only installed at my desk area. At least I won't be sitting in the dark anymore :)


Editing: Chapter 3 of Owned by the Ocean, get 2-3 chapters beta read, get Unforgiving Plains prepped for submission and start brainstorming the sequel to Heart Like an Ocean. This is a pretty hefty list so it may have to get split over 2 weeks. But, I have more time now that I'm basically DONE with my day job *happy dance*. 

Pregnancy: There are still goals beyond waking up in the morning? lol Make it to week 28. Continue to stay active (walking and horseback riding) and just enjoy these last, uncomfortable months lol.

House: Tile! Tile, tile, tile! Yes, as I write this the tile guy is beginning work and he says he'll be done by the end of the week. It's a pretty big job though so I'll be happy if he's half done. Also I'm getting my kitchen sink back, and my laundry room sink should be getting hooked up, and possibly the en suite. Lots happening.

Happy Monday, everyone :)