Library or not?

Happy Monday everyone, I've been thinking a lot about promotion, sales, readers and reviews lately and one thing that keeps coming up is the library. I have contact info to get my book into the public libraries here, but I haven'y yet used it. Why? Because I'm unsure about if libraries benefit authors.

I've never been a library user myself. I don't have a membership, I never go, I prefer to buy my books and keep them in my collection because the physical book is like a souvenir of a journey the author took me on. I don't get that with a library. But, many readers are library users, and do most of their reading through them.

So, what I want to know is, what are the benefits to having a book in the library? Why do you use a library as a reader? Why do you use a library as an author? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

How I did this week:

Editing: Looking at last week's goals I see I failed a bit miserably there. I didn't do any beta reading and I've done some editing for Owned by the Ocean, but not much.

Pregnancy: Same old, same old. 26 weeks today :)

House: Tiling didn't happen because our tile guy couldn't make it out and Kyle didn't build my railing because... I wasn't thinking and he has to wait until after stucco is done to put that up. Guess I won't be enjoying my deck quite yet. We did, however, get some pictures hung, got some chairs for my island, and bought an area rug.

Goals for this week:

Editing: Today I have to finish editing chapter 1 of Owned by the Ocean and I need to get chapter 2 done this week. Beta reading is on my list as well.

Pregnancy: This is my last week before I enter the third trimester (is my math right?) and I'm feeling pretty good. We have some gorgeous weather so I'm hoping to get some walking and riding in, especially since I'm DONE MY DAY JOB! Okay, I may have a day or two yet to go over things with my replacement, but my hours have been significantly cut down.

House: This week is busy. The tile guy is supposed to be coming in and doing work. Tuesday we have our fireplace getting fired up and counter tops being put in, and the scratch coat has been going up on the outside. Hopefully brick will be following soon. So, this all means that very, very soon I'll be sharing FINISHED pictures with you :)

Have a great week everyone and don't forget that TOMORROW I'll be releasing the first chapter of Owned by the Ocean! The prequel to Heart Like an Ocean that tells a bit of Brant's past. Tell your friends :)