'Heart Like an Ocean' promotion explosion

Happy Monday everyone! Today I want to talk a little about the future, specifically Saturday, May 4th.

HeartLikeAnOcean-CoverThis coming Saturday is my birthday, and there is nothing more I want for my birthday than to see Heart Like an Ocean hit the best seller list on Amazon in Canada (again) and in the States (for the first time). But, this can't happen without your help. So, here's what I'm looking for:

On Saturday, May 4th I'm asking you to share my book in any way possible. Post a recommendation on your Facebook page, Pin it on Pinterest, Tweet about it on Twitter, Recommend it to your Goodreads friends, write a review, blog about it, anything you can do to get the word out.

Most people have upwards of 100 friends on Facebook alone and word of mouth is the most important and best way to get sales for an indie author such as myself. If we can land me on the top 10 Historical Romance best seller list (or best seller over all--is that too much to dream for?) sales will start to happen on their own, but we need to get it there first.

So, if you have a minute or two to spare on Saturday, May 4th, please help me turn it into a day of promotion explosion for Heart Like an Ocean.

I will write a blog post on Saturday morning with some pre-made tweets, a link to a Pinterest Pin, and post stuff on Facebook that you can share to make your life as easy as possible, but you're more than welcome to write your own stuff as well. I know we can make this happen... all it takes is a minute.

How I did last week:

Editing: Got some beta reading done last week. Since I was on vacation I had no set goals.

Pregnancy: Another week has gone by. I feel like I'm getting bigger every day.

House: Tiling began while we were away. We booked the counter tops to get installed next week and hopefully the kitchen will be sorted out by then.

Goals for this week:

Editing: Since vacation is over I have some real goals to set. I would like to get 4-5 chapters beta read for my friend, as well as get chapter 1 of Owned by the Ocean ready to share with you.

Pregnancy: 25 weeks! I have an ultra sound today. I have to get my glucose test done this week. Other than that I just keep going and living life. Hope to get some riding done this week as well.

House: Tiling will continue and Kyle will hopefully build the railing on my deck so that I can feel free and safe to sit out there with Jasper and enjoy the sun.

Happy Monday everyone :)