#TeaserTuesday "Senona knew she could kill Richard if she had to..." 'Heart Like an Ocean' #HistRom

Here's a short little teaser from Chapter 6 of Heart Like an Ocean. Enjoy :) HeartLikeAnOcean-CoverHer hand wandered to the right, touching the cold, reassuring metal of the pistol. Would she have to use it? She hoped not. Senona knew she could kill Richard if she had to, but she was afraid. She had killed men on the raids, and Brant knew if needed she would defend herself, but killing made her sick, and guns were so messy and loud. Senona viewed them as a cowardly weapon, an easy way out. They made killing too detached and easy; it disturbed her. She hoped she would never find herself in a position where she had to use one. 

In a society where she doesn’t belong, Senona Montez, a strong-willed and free-spirited woman refuses to follow the path expected of a Don’s only child. On the eve of her marriage to a stranger, she saddles her horse and flees everything she knows, only to discover the petty concerns of society did not prepare her for the harsh life on the open sea. She finds an unlikely protector in a reckless privateer, Brant Foxton. Straddling the worlds of independence and privilege in 1600′s Europe, this captivating man challenges her in ways she never thought possible, shows her what living to the fullest really means, and allows her to follow her heart wherever it leads.

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What people are saying:

“It is quite a ride and you just have to hold on and have faith that things will work out the way they should.” -Amazon Review

“The author writes excellently in a way that makes you care about the characters.” – Amazon Review

“This book is exciting and addicting…” – Amazon Review

“because the neat categories of “good guys” and “bad guys” have been removed the reader can’t help but continue reading the story, and seeing parts of themself in it as well. I definitely recommend reading this book!” – Amazon Review

“One of the most satisfying love triangles I’ve ever read.” -Facebook

“I read Heart Like an Ocean today and blame you for accomplishing nothing else. Couldn’t put it down.” -Twitter

“The author put herself — her heart — into it.” – Twitter