Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer

Well, as many of you know I'm relaxing in sunny Florida this week while on vacation with the family. Today would be our second full day here, and I've been enjoying the sunshine immensely. No snow! A little rain, but it doesn't even matter. Today we're off shopping. I'm looking forward to buying some nice maternity clothes, because we have the worst stores EVER in Canada for that kind of stuff.

Yesterday I enjoyed a day beside the pool while Kyle chased after Jasper and read all afternoon. It was amazing.

Anybody else enjoying some last minute winter vacation before summer takes over? I'm planning on getting home to spring being in full swing and my horse waiting to be ridden :)

Last week's progress:

Editing: I started looking over Owned by the Ocean. 

Pregnancy: 24 weeks. Have lots of braxton hicks contractions and baby 2.0 is kicking like crazy.

House: Tax stuff is done and handed over to the accountant. Counter tops have been templated and kitchen has had some more work done on it.

Goals for the week:

Editing: Get some beta reading done for a friend while relaxing by the pool. I really don't have many goals this week, other than enjoying vacation.

Pregnancy: Same as always, just continue through another week. I'm starting to get sore, as joints loosen and stretch but my nausea seems to be diminishing a bit more and I seem to be able to eat almost anything provided I take my medication.

House: While we're away tiling is getting started so we're hoping that the front entrance and hearth will be done when we get back, because those will be the areas that are hard to keep Jasper out of.