Overnight Success

When it comes to entertainment it seems like the term "overnight success" gets thrown around a bit. Musicians, movie stars, authors, they all jump into the spotlight seemingly overnight, but what we don't see and aren't really told is the weeks, months, and usually years that went into creating this so-called overnight success. I think we can agree that although JK Rowling, E.L James and Suzanne Collins jumped into our spotlight overnight, they spent many years working hard to get there.

When I signed my publishing contract I never thought I'd be an "overnight success". I like to think that I had very reasonable expectations, in that people would read my book and I hoped they would like it but I never expected it to make a best seller list and make me hundreds of dollars in the first week.

But, I'd be lying if I said I didn't hold on to hope. I hoped that I'd be a best seller. I hoped that I would make back the money in the first week that I had invested in my book. I hoped that I would get 50 4-5 star reviews within the first month. I hoped, but never expected. And you know what? My book did well. It did hit Amazon Canada's best seller list twice in the first month. I haven't made my money back yet and I certainly don't have anywhere near 50 reviews. But my book is doing fine, and I'm happy with that.

There was a week that I didn't make a single sale though, and I got down. It is tough to have those hopes of "overnight success" be dashed, no matter how unrealistic they were.

So, what is my point in all this? Maybe you're a writer like me, maybe a musician, actor, painter, sketch artist, dancer... whatever the form of entertainment or art, you have hopes and dreams. I'm not here to dash them. Dream. Dream big, because dreams are what make life beautiful. But also realize there is NO SUCH THING as an overnight success. Okay, so there is the one in a million person that gets picked up off the street as a model or actor and they make it huge, but that's not realistic. So keep working, work hard, dream big, never give up, and I hope that you, and I, make it into the spotlight one of these nights... but know that it'll take a lot of hard work to get there. :)

Weekly Update:

Editing: Finally! I succeeded in my goal! Unforgiving Plains 3rd draft is complete and I've gone over all the notes I've received back from beta readers so far as well as sent out the complete story to the beta readers that wanted to read it in one shot. Woohoo!

Pregnancy: Not much going on here. Baby 2.0 is healthy and kicking away. My weight gain is right on track. I went riding this past weekend and that went really well. Oh, and my ultrasound is booked for right after I get back from Florida. Only 5-10 weeks late :/

House: Tax stuff didn't happen, but that's on the to-do list TODAY. Kyle was busy doing odds and ends jobs as we prepare for tile installation.


Writing: Well, writing never stops so my goal this week is to start preparing Owned by the Ocean for its free release on my blog :)

Pregnancy: 23 weeks today. 24 weeks by next Monday. Not much in the way of goals.

House: Our kitchen should be finally getting done this week, and our counter tops should be getting templated. So, no huge changes but steps towards completion.

Happy Monday everyone :)