So you want to write a book. What's stopping you?

You have that idea floating around in your head. Every once in a while it comes up, "I have this idea, it would make a great book." Awesome. So why aren't you doing anything about it? What's stopping you?

I always loved to write. I wrote for myself, as a hobby, because I loved it. I always wanted to be an author but in my head it wasn't a viable option. How many people actually get signed by a publisher? How many people are actually good enough at writing to deserve their word in print? The answer is, A LOT.

Publishing has changed. The ebook revolution has opened up new doors, making publishing easier for individuals and indie publishers. Your options aren't the big  6 in New York, there is also self publishing and indie presses at your disposal.

Many indie presses are selective and are putting out some fantastic work. Most aren't large enough to be able to afford giving a large, if any advance, but many make up for it by offering you a larger chunk of the royalties and the individualized attention cannot be beat.

Self publishing has lost a lot of the stigma it may have carried in the past. People don't really turn up their nose at self-published because, if the author has invested their money in the right places, they are turning out a lot of quality books as well. Sure, there is a lot of crap in there, but there is a lot of crap coming out of the big 6 as well.

So, I ask you again; what's stopping you?

You want to write a book but it's a waste of time, it'll never be published, you're not good enough. I dare you to prove me wrong. Because you can. After participating in NaNoWriMo this past November with a few people who have never tried their hand at writing before I was pleasantly surprised at the skill that was emerging.

The reality is, nothing is stopping you but yourself. If you want to write a book, if you have that idea floating in your head all you have to do is sit down and type it out. Sure, that first draft is gonna suck, but everyone's does. If this is something you really want to do, you can do it. It has become easier and easier for people to get their writing into the hands of readers.

So practice, practice, practice. Write that first draft and edit it, get some beta readers, submit it... if you persevere you can get that acceptance letter. I did.

How I did this past week:

Editing: Well I'm to the point where I have some major editing to do, so I'll say I met my goal.

Pregnancy: 22 weeks! Baby boy 2.0 is kicking like crazy. I pleasantly surprised at how quickly things seem to be progressing this time around and how long I am staying relatively comfortable. I think it has to do with 2.0 sitting a lot lower than Jasper did (no rib pain!) and maybe smaller (fingers crossed).

House: Range hood is in and looking as gorgeous as ever. Over/microwave is hooked up and sitting in it's alcove, just waiting for the kitchen guys to return to do finishing touches and mount it in the appropriate spot.

Goals for this week:

Editing: Finish Unforgiving Plains. Actually, I'd like to break that down a bit and say I'd like to finish by Wednesday and be a good chunk of the way into my beta's suggestions by the end of the week.

Pregnancy: 23 weeks is the next goal. I have an appointment with my OB on Friday and I'm still waiting on my 2nd trimester ultrasound :/ My luck they'll book it for while I'm in Florida.

House: Not much in goals this week. I'm gonna put the house aside and say we need to get our tax stuff ready to file since we're getting close to the deadline. Yeah, I'm a bit of a procrastinator.