Getting Back To Normal

If you follow me on Facebook or on my blog you've probably noticed that I've had a couple of crazy weeks that have just been messing with my normal, but all in a good way :) Let's recap:

March 18-23rd my life was taken over by moving into our own house. Every spare minute was spent taking loads of boxes from storage to our house and unpacking them. Saturday was especially crazy because we not only finished moving in, but we celebrated my nephew's first birthday, and found out that we're expecting another baby boy!

It's a boy!

March 25-27th we were in our new house (YAY!) but had all kinds of fun discovering our dryer had become a home for mice while in storage, the hoses for our washing machine were leaking (A LOT) and we had no internet yet. So online presence was very minimal.

March 28-29th I got away for a much needed break with my son and family to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, an agricultural fair which takes place about 3 hours away in Brandon, MB. This is a yearly tradition for my family and I've enjoyed passing on this tradition to my son these past 2 years. It was very busy and exhausting, but so fun and definitely the good kind of exhausting. And the Grand Prix level show jumping is such a treat to watch.

Needless to say blog posts did not happen on Thursday or Friday.

March 3oth we spent all day working on the house, dealing with the washing machine, sound system, and general disarray of the house.

And that brings us to Easter. We were all set for a day spent with the family, on our way to church for the morning service when my son decided to reintroduce breakfast all over himself and his car seat. A u-turn brought us home and we spent the day cuddling with our sick son, watching Community, and washing laundry. Lots of it.

Editing didn't really happen. I managed to get Chapter 9 and 10 completed and sent to my beta readers that are reading as I go and Chapter 11 is half done.

Today I usually would be at work but I'm keeping myself and Jasper home for another day so he gets a chance to really rest and feel better before I drag him to work with me. I think that means I have an editing day ahead of me :)

With all the craziness over (hopefully) I am counting on today being the start of a return to normal. Anyone else having some crazy weeks?

Goals for this week:

Pregnancy: I'm now 21 weeks, so over half way! No real goals this week other than to just keep going to week 22.

House: Get our oven and range hood installed. :D

Editing: Well my goals have been left on the wayside for the last 2 weeks so we'll just move my goal forward again and get to the point where I have to re-write the ending.

And did you know that my debut novel, Heart Like an Ocean is available in all these digital formats as well as print?

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