'Heart Like an Ocean' Blog Tour- Meet Caton Amador.

Well, today is the last stop in the blog tour, and it brings you back to me. During the tour I've been sitting down and giving you interviews with the main characters of Heart Like an Ocean and Caton is the last one to talk to. If you want to go back you can check out Senona's interview HERE, Brant's HERE and Catherine's HERE.

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1. You make an appearance right at the beginning of Heart Like an Ocean, and play a bit of a role in why Senona gave up trying to be what society expects. Do you regret the way you treated her?

Caton: I was young and petty, so yes I do. At the time my biggest concern was impressing everyone, keeping my popularity, and Senona jeapordized that.

2. You certainly do seem like a different person from the prologue to when you make an appearance again later on. Can you tell us a little bit about what brought about that change?

Caton: The simple answer would be I grew up. I like to think that I'm not a mean person, and that I can be kind and caring without kicking the goads. It just takes a little maturity to find that happy medium.

3. Okay, enough seriousness. You're one of the most eligible bachelors in Barcelona. If you had to write up a dating profile for yourself, how would it look?

Caton: Need I ask what a dating profile is? I am young and love to dance, ride along the countryside, and serious heart-to-heart talks. Girls tell me I'm handsome, but I think the fact that I'm the heir to a merchant company doesn't hurt.

4. Do you think you play an integral role in who Senona becomes by the end of Heart Like an Ocean?

Caton: I think Senona walks the path she chose and that's what made who the woman she is today. I may have been on that path, but so were so many other people that helped influence her life and growth. I certainly cannot take credit for who she is.

5. Same question as I've asked everyone else before you: Describe your leading man and ladies in one word.

Caton: Brant is trouble, Catherine is gracious, and Senona is enigmatic.