Meet Catherine Marshall

Today I'm interviewing Catherine Marshall. If you've read Heart Like an Ocean, you probably have some mixed feelings about her, and if you haven't... well maybe you should! If you missed Senona's interview you can check it out HERE and Brant's HERE

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Much like the interview with Brant, we're going to delve a bit into Catherine's past.

1. You met Brant under some scary circumstances. Can you tell us a little more about your first meeting?

Catherine: I was traveling from Spain back home to England when my ship was attacked by pirates. I managed to hide and was spared. When Brant's ship came across our ship floundering he boarded to search for survivors and found me, along with Matthew, who was injured.

2. Matthew is Brant's Sailing Master, correct? You knew him before Brant, then?

Catherine: Yes, he is. And I'm not sure you can saw know. He was a crew member, but I didn't make a habit of fraternizing with crew. I did get to know him during our time on theĀ BlackFox as I helped nurse him back to health.

3. Is it safe to say that Brant changed your perspective of the world a bit?

Catherine: I think it's safe to say that Brant impacts everyone he meets.

4. But you aren't so confined by class now.

Catherine: That's a statement, not a question, but yes. Brant opened my eyes to more worlds than my own. I'm still quite comfortable where I am in society though. I'm not about to give it up for some equality crusade.

5. Okay, heavy stuff aside. Give a one word description of your fellow leading lady and men.

Catherine: Senona is adventurous, Brant is conflicted and Caton is steady.

If anyone has any questions they'd like Catherine to answer, post them in the comments below.