Meet Brant Foxton

Today, I'm sitting down with Brant Foxton, the heart throb of Heart Like an Ocean and getting him to answer a couple questions for the Thursday stop on the Blog Tour. If you missed last week, I sat down and asked Senona Montez a few questions. You can read her interview HERE HLAO blog tour button

We're going to delve a little into his past, and what makes him the way he is in Heart Like an Ocean.

1. Welcome to the Heart Like an Ocean blog tour, Brant. First question on the docket: You're past is a bit of a mystery, but you raise your younger brother, James. What brought this about?

Brant: Our mother died giving birth to James, leaving us to be raised by our father. I left home at a young age to serve on a ship, but when the great plague went through London it claimed our father and I returned home to take custody of James. It's been the two of us ever since.

2. You didn't stay in London after you got James though. Did you have your own ship then?

Brant: Yes, I had just recently become Captain of The BlackFox when I received news that my father was sick. Karl urged me to return home and try and make things right with him before he died.

3. So when you left home originally you hadn't left on good terms?

Brant: Let's just say that Senona's plight resonated with me.

4. Can you tell us a little about Catherine Marshall?

Brant: How can I answer this without giving away too much? Catherine is a figure from my past and let's just say I'm not proud of the man I became after she left.

5. I had Senona answer this question, so I'm going to get you to do it too. Can you give a one word description for each of your leading ladies and man?

Brant: You mean it's not all about me? Senona is: Alive, Catherine: Frustrating haha, and Caton is: Noble.

If you have any questions for Brant, leave them in the comments below. Who knows, he might just answer them :) And don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE