Meet Senona Montez

During this month long blog tour for Heart Like an Ocean you'll find yourself back here at my blog on Thursdays to meet the characters of the book. HLAO blog tour button

First up is Senona Montez, our heroine.

1. When the readers first meet you, you're running from home. Was this a hard decision to make?

Senona: Very hard. I've never been happy with my life, with what is expected of me, but I didn't leave until I had no other choice. It was marry someone I didn't love or leave and hope I can make it on my own. Oh, but that makes me sound like a spoiled rich girl, doesn't it?

2. Give a one word description of each of your fellow leading men and lady.

Senona: Let's see... Brant, Challenging; Catherine, Uncertain; and Caton, Debonair.

3. Just for fun. What's your favorite color?

Senona: Red. It's so rich and beautiful. It makes me think of sunsets and rises, wine, and dancing.

4. In Heart Like an Ocean your traveling companion is a horse. Why is Naldo so important?

Senona: When you live in a time where you don't even own your own person, but are controlled by societies whims, you have to hold on to the things that keep you grounded. Naldo is that for me.

5. Okay, last question before you have to go. What's next for you?

Senona: I have no idea. What's next for anyone? I'm just waiting to see what comes next over the horizon.

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