#TeaserTuesday 'Unforgiving Plains' #Western #Romance

Today, at the request on my Facebook page, I'm sharing a small section from my current WIP, Unforgiving Plains. It's a contemporary western romance set on an Alberta ranch. Keep your eyes on the blog and my Facebook page for more updates on it. Please keep in mind that this excerpt is from a WIP, not a completed and polished manuscript.

Chapter One

Rayna reached for the radio dial and turned up the music as her car flew down Red Coat Trail at 110 km per hour. She had left the mountains far behind her and the road spanning in front had the slow rise and fall of hills and valleys that spoke of its own special majesty. To anyone else driving through Alberta they might have been struck by the beauty, but at the moment it was lost on Rayna. Her mind was far away, preoccupied with thoughts that didn’t involve site seeing.

Slowing down just enough to make a turn she directed her car onto a gravel road. Consulting the written directions on her passenger seat Rayna saw that it was a straight shot to the ranch from here. Just a few more miles and her long journey would be over, yet it didn’t bring with it any relief.

Driving down the gravel road brought with it no memories. Rayna didn’t really know what to expect but she had thought there would be more than this nothingness, not even the slightest hint of sentiment or twinge or recognition. Nothing here looked familiar, and yet this had been her home for the first five years of her life.

News of her father’s death, if he could really be called that, had come last week in the form of legal documents. Craig Fields had died at the young age of 52 from a heart attack. Worked himself to death most likely was what Carol, her mother, had said. Regardless, he had left everything to Rayna. To a daughter he hadn’t seen or spoken to in twenty years. It had been a shock for her. Carol had just nodded and encouraged her with a slight smile. He was trying to do right by her, her mother had offered. Great time to start, thought Rayna bitterly as she continued driving down the gravel road that seemed to stretch on forever.