Heart Like an Ocean is available in paperback!

Well, it's Monday. I don't have much to say so I'm gonna keep this short. Heart Like an Ocean is now available on paperback! I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. If you're interested you can find it on Amazon or Createspace for purchase.

Also there are only a few days left to enter the giveaway for a digital copy of Heart Like an Ocean and a $10 Amazon giftcard. Already have Heart Like an Ocean? No problem. You can always choose another digital book by a 5 Prince Publishing author... and there are some great ones. Enter Here

Other than that? Nothing much. Preparing my blog tour to launch next week, which will have about 12 stops and a giveaway of its own! So stay tuned.

How I did last week:

Editing: I decided to take a different approach to my editing and work a chapter at a time, incorporating changes from the read-through, and then immediately jumping in to line edits. This seems to be working well... except that I've been lazy and only done 1 chapter.

House: Finally! Some house news! Kitchen is delivered and being installed! Basement in insulated. Things are moving along.

Pregnancy: Made it to week 16. Discovered that my medication actually is doing something, after I decided to go off it for a couple of days (big mistake!).

Goals for this week:

Editing: I'd like to finish chapter 5 by the end of this week.

House: Kitchen finished getting installed, start installing flooring!

Pregnancy: Survive to week 17! haha. Almost half way done! (sorta).

How do you like these weekly updates and goals? Do you find them interesting? Boring? Skim over them? Let me know :)